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Professional Business App Development

We are a leading development company that builds applications with guaranteed results for businesses. All of our software solutions are high-quality and high-value, and we always deliver on-time and on-budget. Our talented developers will create powerful applications and software to meet all of your business goals and deliver them to you and your users in skillfully crafted solutions featuring efficiently coding algorithms, beautiful design and useful functionality.

Let us transform the way you work and the way you reach your clientele by adding efficiency, security and promotional tools to your business that you can’t get anywhere else.

Selecting the Right Mobile Platform

Operating systems run on different programming languages and rely upon different structures to operate properly, meaning creating applications and software that work across platforms requires multiple parallel development processes with very little overlap. Businesses on limited budgets or wishing to sample one operating system before a multi-platform launch must select the OS that will best serve their purposes, and the best two options today are Android and iOS
  • Your target audience’s behavior and preferences should be a key factor in your decision making. Whatever market research shows they prefer is typically the best.
  • If user trends show that neither operating system is prefered, the next step is to decide which monetization pattern is more likely to match you requirements. Android has a much larger number of users, while iOS has far fewer users, but those users are generally more willing to conduct business through their smart devices.
  • Publishing to Google Play places far fewer restrictions on developers compared to the rigid standards of App Store, which limits itself to applications that meet all of its extensive guidelines.
  • Security is vital to any business, and one benefit of iOS is its reputation as the most stable and security operating system available.

How Much Does a Business Application Cost?

Not two applications are ever the same, and no two applications ever cost the same either. Each business needs different features and functions, has different time constraints, requires different levels of complexity, etc. and the result is that pricing is highly variable when it comes to tailored apps and software. The Enterprise Mobility Exchange claims the average budget for an application is between $300,000 and $500,000, while Ten Top Developers review places the figure around $175,000.

Luckily for you, our company has numerous time-saving and cost-effective practices in place that allow us to provide top-tier solutions at a much more economical price. The average budget at our company falls around $40,000 to $50,000, but the best assessment of what it would cost to convert your idea into an application that starts delivering returns on your investment can be provided by our expert team in a free consultation.

The App Build

We commit to complete transparency throughout our collaboration with our clients to keep them informed about everything that is going on. Our agile approach to app creation gives us the freedom to take all client feedback and rapidly implement changes in design and architecture with relative ease, as well as keep tight control over quality.
  • Commit Your Ideas to Paper and Share Them

    Many people have great ideas for apps, but they never become more than that, because they never know how to take them farther than their own imaginations. Write down your ideas and begin to flesh them out answering as many questions as you can about the essential features it will need, who it will be for and the look and feel you want it to have. If you have all this, you can hit the ground running once you contact a company who specializes in business app development.
  • Take an Active Role in Development

    We rely on our clients’ input to make sure we get it right. At the start of each project we assign a dedicated project manager whose responsibilities center on managing the overall development process and keeping the client in the loop about every step taken, which often includes explaining the process and why we do the things we do. Clients are welcome to be as involved or uninvolved as they like, but because we can only adapt to the feedback our clients give us, more is better in ensuring we end up with a high-quality product that exceeds client expectations.
  • The Interface and Experience (UI/UX)

    Aesthetics and flow are carefully crafted by our talented designers to create a visual representation of your brand displayed on each screen, while we strive to achieve completely intuitive and easy-to-use navigational tools so that nothing blocks users from seeing the true value they get out of your application.
  • The Programmers

    It doesn’t matter which operating system you choose to develop for, because we have a number of experts who specialize in each one. Familiar with many programming languages and essential tools for mobile development, our team continually monitor the latest trends and updates in the world of applications to stay innovative and continue providing premier solutions to our clients.
  • Quality Assurance

    We guarantee satisfaction, because we conduct constant quality control testing to ensure we deliver the perfect end product to both you and your users. This testing includes rigid code assessment with each new implemented feature and continued market analysis that we use to understand how to strengthen the reception each product receives upon launch. Of course, security and performance are vital to business applications, so we also subject our software and applications to mock attacks and simulated rough conditions to make certain they can withstand whatever gets thrown at them.
  • Launching the Right Way

    Not every application gets into the App Store, Google Play and other digital marketplaces, and not always for reasons you might expect. Each has its own set of guidelines and limitations on what an application can, cannot and must contain, in addition to often limiting those who can publish to registered developers. Fortunately, our team is registered with each major marketplace and has a complete understanding of every nuance that goes into getting an app released, and our staff will assist you in this critical step.

Industries Using Our Instruments

Every modern sector of the economy is benefiting from the explosion of mobile technology. No matter how small or large your company may be, there are exciting new opportunities for you when you go digital.
  • Healthcare. Medical professionals are taking existing well-being tools on smart devices and integrating them into more powerful applications that can monitor patient treatment and recovery to promote better health. Our team has also engineered complex algorithms that permit hospital administrators to more accurately monitor and administer their facilities, staff and patients.
  • Transportation and Logistics. Applications and software in these sphere boost productivity in the field, streamline shipment delivery and intake, optimize transportation routing and help businesses to allocate their resources where they are needed most.
  • Finance. Complex analytical tools are now just a click away for mobile financial businesses. Richer data analysis can be performed with vibrant visuals and graphics to conduct thorough reporting while the inclusion of advanced APIs give analysts the power to follow and assess trends in real-time.
  • Workflow Management. Many industries are improving the way they run their business internally with better communication and workplan tools that keep employees in continued contact with key decision makers. Digital automation of routine tasks saves time and more efficient code boosts performance of all associated technology. Sensitive data is stored in secure servers allowing safe sharing and access of information only by those who need it.
  • Young Businesses. Many startups need to find creative ways to grow their businesses with limited resources. Mobile applications present them with a cost-effective method to reach large groups of potential clients, effectively deliver their goods and services and monetize quickly. Our full support packages walk entrepreneurs and long-time professionals both to reach their goals and see the largest return on their investment possible.
All of these sectors (and many others) are growing rapidly thanks to the integration of advanced modern technology into the way they operate through business app development. Equipping yourself and your employees with well-designed technical solutions are the best way to move forward on any platform.
  • Web App Development

    A large business needs a large solution to handle the sheer size of their business. While most devices lack the memory and processing power to efficiently house all of the necessary information, the use of external servers through a web application delivers the same power to the app administrators. These applications are interactive and secure, in addition to being readily scalable to grow as your business does, offering useful features, like the streamlining and automating internal workflow, improving internal and external communication and protecting the sharing and saving of sensitive data.
  • Mobile App Development

    iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry, our company boasts experienced specialists for each of these operating systems who have been working across industries and devices to create high-powered applications to meet diverse needs of diverse companies. There are no limits to what we are willing to do for our clients to help them broaden their horizons, whatever size their projects may be.
  • Post-Launch Success

    Getting an app released is only half the battle. Once an app is available, there is often a limited window to get the ball rolling before it fades into the white noise of all the competition. Thankfully, our team has a few pointers on how to push your app to go viral and stay above the crowd.

    - Simplicity is preferred. Applications that are easy to use are easier to appreciate. In our interface designs we strive to trim all the fat off our products to leave users with a sleek application that they can logically follow from A to B in the shortest, most coherent path possible.

    - Give treats. Users like being rewarded when they do something right, so if you can associate the exact behavior you want to see in users, such as sharing with their friends, with some kind of benefit, you can encourage them to do it more often.

    - Be transparent. If you are going to share something with a user’s account, give them a preview first. Few things can kill an app’s chances quicker than a lack of transparency.

    - Relationship building helps. Establishing a rapport with you customers in digital spaces is similar to the way it is done in more traditional areas. Getting users in the door and downloading your application is the first part, but there still needs to be more. Using features like push notifications (without going overboard) can be a great way to keep your users thinking about your company, your app and your offerings. Use your app as an outreach tool with limited promotions, news and updates to ensure your users don’t want to miss out and stay interested in your app.