We are a US-based IT company that provides business app development services empowering our customers with functional tools that make a difference. Founded in 2010 by a small group of freelancers, today our company is considered to be one of the best custom software providers. We craft custom apps that bring our customers’ businesses to the next level. Due to our industry expertise and vast knowledge of modern technologies we deliver sophisticated solutions reducing development time and costs but preserving a good quality of our products. Our work isn’t only about delivering software solutions, but also about helping businesses to benefit to the full extent from information technology and form a brighter future. We help our customers to focus on their core business objectives delivering secure, reliable and effective solutions.


As a customer-oriented company, we put heart into making our process as transparent for our clients as possible. When you approach us with your project idea, you won’t hear from us difficult IT terms. We talk to you using plain English and regularly inform you about your project progress. Our developers present you results within agreed timeframes and ask for your feedback. Such approach ensures that our products will match your expectations. We place the major focus on meeting your needs and requirements.


Benapp has gathered together first-class experts and professionals with 3+ years of experience under the belt. We believe that people make a company what it is. And that is why hiring every new employee we ensure that this person not only has enough skills and expertise to work at such a reputable company as ours, but also share our passion for IT. Since our enthusiasm makes our products to stand apart from any other software solutions.