Just a few of our successful business apps


an informative tablet app for internal usage for the contract workers

Our client supplies businesses and manufacturers with highly skilled and proven professional contract employees across the USA. The company approached us to build a tablet app with custom CMS to provides job descriptions for job assignees and update the content when it is necessary. We developed an Apple and Android tablets app which provides job description based on client name, location, and title. The app is connected to the backend system of the company where all the data is stored. So the user can sign in via the app and get all the information required.

an advising app to choose a proper ice melter

A salt producing and marketing company outsourced our services to build a professional mobile app that could increase their sales of ice melting products. Our team built an app that provides snow professionals with access to all the available products and their detailed description letting them choose the one that fits them the most. The app has an integrated advisor that helps to determine the optimal ice melter according to chosen characteristics such as surface area, environment, temperature, and other special conditions. It saves snow professionals time and displays our customer’s products increasing their sales.

an app to manage ventilation equipment

Our client from energy industry provides management solutions. He wanted to improve the management of ventilation equipment empowering his facility engineers and residential homeowners with remote and central control of the system via smart and functional mobile application. We integrated user login authentication functionality which allows determining user role and access to the functionality. Users can control fans individually (residential homeowners) or centrally (facility engineers), set fan speed and timing parameters, and access diagnostics. App usage is easy-to-use even without technical background due to intuitive design. Such app reduces equipment maintenance and energy costs.

a web app to analyze audience preferences

In collaboration with a broadcasting company, we created a web application that collects viewer data and visualizes it in clear graphs and pie charts. The information the app collects present statistics on viewer’s preferences and TV audience reach. A combination of HTML, SVG, CSS and D3.js data visualization library help us to create the audience analyzing system which performs analytics on client-side. This application became a useful tool for advertisers and TV-programmers.

a web app for business analysis

The application is a priceless tool for business owners and top managers to help them analyze and estimate their business and create an efficient strategy for the support and further development. Users should input the data such as company and industry types, the number of consumers, contributors, collaborators, and employees, the number of projects and audits per year and etc. And then the web app shows metrics, graphics and data such as payback period, NPV, ROI, Total Savings, Scenario Analysis. So the calculator based on input uses a specific algorithm that we developed to support business development and management.

a web app that helps to control price management efficiently

One of our clients approached us with the idea of development a web tool that could help him to monitor Minimum Advertised Price and determine it. Client visualized it as a dashboard with an easy-to-use interface and useful features for brand owners. He also wanted to integrate features which will enable conducting marketing research. We developed a complex program which monitors prices and protects brands on the Internet. The app’s functionality includes online price parsing, full database, analytical reporting, and supply chain oversight.