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Custom Application Development Services to Realize Your Digital Dreams

We create top-notch custom solutions to open new horizons for your business.

Key Areas of Expertise

With years of experience in custom application development, we provide companies, large and small, with professional programming services along with strategy, design, Cloud & SaaS expertise, marketing, and promotion.

    • Mobile applications. We offer bespoke mobile app development services - native iOS and Android programs, and cross-platform mobile packages.
    • Web apps. Custom Cloud & SaaS application development services based on the most advanced tech stacks and frameworks.
    • UX/ UI Design. Empower your business with creative functionality-based design and unforgettable user experience with the services we offer to considerably accelerate the revenue.
  • We Offer

    Thorough investigation, audit, development and overall support of your application

    Strategy and planning

    Working out the preconditions that will help you attain corporate desires with the assist of custom app engineering services is at the heart of the strategy and planning section that is the initial development proposition in our company.

    Why is it important?

    The discovery stage within the investigation phase is the technique of figuring out the necessities and technological drivers that facilitate achievement of unique commercial goals. Records collected at all stages of the discovery process will have an effect on all of the following steps of tailored application development and will be used as the core idea for a business requirements specification report.

  • What we are going to do

    Defining, writing down, and adopting the primary parameters of the project is the most crucial task in every development process.Together with clients, we decide on technical and business feasibility of the concept, work out the initial scope, and estimate your idea from the technical point of view. After the specialists have clarified the scope and requirements, both the patron and the development team are confident they share the same priorities and pursue one general idea of the future application, which is extremely important in a custom development process.

UX research

You will have no second chance to make the first impression. So we do our best to make the application the most captivating, attractive and user-friendly.

  • All start with investigation

    Results matter, so our agency always starts with the studies. At this stage, we look into the business area, all of the available requirements, the variety of the audience, context of usage, and other enter data to collect all sorts of functional and nonfunctional requirements. Interviewing stakeholders at this stage is a superb manner to uncover the core desires and discern how UI/UX design will assist corporations to gain result desired in their custom application.

  • Our activities

    UX studies in the product discovery section include defining the market for an application, its potential users, and the necessities. Common user experience research approaches at this level of custom development encompass survey studies, expert interviews, collecting opinion of stakeholders – all together or individually. All of these activities should be completed to shape the final vision with a view of being at the heart of the product’s proof of concept.

  • Deliverables:

    • Mindmаps
    • User jоurney maps
    • Person flоws
    • Persоnas
    • User stories

Proof of concept

We have no doubt your idea is brilliant. Unfortunately, the greater concept, the higher possibilities it has been already realized by someone else. Our services will help you to find out if the idea is unique and suits your business perfectly to build the best custom application.

Perceive the idea

Any technological innovation starts with the idea that should be thoroughly estimated, elaborated, and visualized to be lived out in a prototype. This stage is all about application conceptualization right into a proof of concept that makes your idea a more perceivable one to test.

Why you need PoC

After we've recognized the app’s important capabilities and decided the look and feel of the app, the developers can take it a step forward. At this stage, the primary objective is to show how the concept will work, asserting that the idea stands up within the corporate reality. From the technological point of view, PoC allows detecting technical dangers, which include the performance of a product or its ability to integrate with present systems or applications. The developers additionally determine whether the budget agreed over the course of analysis is enough to finish the custom development.


  • Taking into consideration the center desires a client has at this particular time factor, and the scope agreed upon within the previous stages; deliverables may also vary from an easy mockup or a click-through model to an entirely interactive product, simulating one or numerous features of the end custom solution:
  • Mockups
  • Paper prototype
  • Diagrams
  • Operating prototype with the agreed features
  • Quality Assurance

    Our company guarantees the top quality of all services you get thanks to the continuous quality assurance procedures and test-driven development process.

    Testing as an integral part of the workflow

    Non-stop testing from the first code line of the future application is an essential part of the Quality Assurance services of our company. The developers consider quality not as an added value, but as a must from the very beginning of the project lifecycle. At the stage where a custom product exists in the form of a PoC, it is essential to verify its feasibility, minimum capability available, and possible risks that further custom improvement could have on a full-fledged application.

  • Deliverables:

    We shape the custom product, running flawlessly to correspond to all of the technological requirements, smoothly integrate it (if required) with the existing enterprise systems, and make sure it meets all of the necessities to have the perfect interaction with the core audience.

Why Choose Us

  • We help to build one-of-a-kind custom solutions

    For more than seven years we have been improving traditional methodologies, polish agile approached and perfected the strategies to transfer our thorough know-how into the best custom applications for startups and world-famous brands.

  • We’re aligned with your business goals

    As part of the team, you may have a business analyst assigned at the undertaking to assure all the custom application development services are well aligned with the enterprise goals.

  • We provide top quality at the reasonable price

    Quality does come at a price, but our company knows how to preserve the reasonable price to quality ratio. All of the engineers are well-educated certified professionals with dedicated diplomas in computer science.

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Qualified IT Partner For All Occasions

So you have decided to:

  • Conquer new markets, outrun opposition
  • Create precise custom application
  • Need the assistance with current outdated software

The expert developers from our IT agency are at your service 24/7.

  • 1. Productive interaction

    • Developers, designers, marketers and business analysts discuss your business and the problems it has to solve
    • Check the requirements and discuss the expectations
    • Gauge the scope of the undertaking
    • Signal the agreement and assemble a team for you
  • 2. Transparent process

    We make the entire custom development process crystal clear to you, report on the progress often and provide an explanation of every step if needed.

    • Set the success criteria
    • Find out principal risks
    • Define the timeline
    • Compose a useful resource plan
  • 3. Work in progress

    Each bespoke application built by our team is supervised by functional offices: software development, project management, and quality assurance. We will track your finances spent and burnout, incorporate the comments, questions, and feedback, making the process of custom application delivery the most convenient.

    Benefits you get:

    • You can see every iteration of the custom product and give the feedback
    • Receive a potentially shippable product with each sprint
    • You'll get the product demo with every essential feature integrated
    • You will be able to request changes to the program with every adjustment of the enterprise goals
  • 4. Successful launch

    When you are satisfied with the product when approaching the release date, we can plan on the right time of the application to go live. Planning services are vital and allow us to provide you with the proper support.

    • Go live
    • Respond to changes

    5. Renovation & Maintenance

    The launch of the application is just a beginning of a protracted development and upgrade cycle.To make your digital enterprise even better, we:

    • Collect the feedback you receive from the users
    • Enhance usability, user-friendliness, features and business value
    • Elaborate and upload new features so that you can dominate the market

Unrivalled Technological Expertise

Tech-enabled application development services

With systematic changes in technological advances, our company enables you to find the right technology to flawlessly follow the business necessities. With the software engineering services we offer, your product will shine with technological distinction and revered quality. We don’t take the easiest way to programming languages or frameworks; we cherish programming abilities.

  • The best tech suit

    Making technology simpler for business adoption, the specialists help you apprehend how the digital trends affect your enterprise and what tools, frameworks, and technologies are the best suit for your case to satisfy the market demand.


    HTML 5, C# 5.0, C# 6.0, JavaScript, ES2016, TypeScript, CSS 3, Node.js,


    D3, jQuery, Require.js, Async, Express.js, Sails.js, Underscore, Lo-dash,, Passport, Phantom.js, Babel, Lodash, MongoDB, DynamoDB, DBs, MySQL, PostgreSQL


    Bootstrap, SASS, Stylus, Foundation, Jade


    Grunt, Gulp, Eslint, Browserify, Webpack, Babel

  • Frameworks

    Aurelia, Backbone, AngularJS 1.x, AngularJS 2.x, ReactJS, Redux, Marionette, Electron, Cordova


    Facebook Apps, Google Docs, Stripe, QuickBooks, MailChimp, Authorize.NET, Twilio

    Data integration

    MySQL, PostgresSQL, Redis, Memcache, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Beanstalk


    Mocha, Ava, Jasmine, Chai, Codeception, PHPUnit, Prophecy, Sinon, Protractor, Mockery, Doctrine, Eloquent, Propel

  • Industries we serve

    Application development services to outflank the competitors.

    Technological experience, business-centered software solutions, and in-depth understanding of the industries we focus on let the clients rely on our team as a respectful IT partner with hands-on know-how.

    Marketing and advertising, economic services, retail – mobile, web, and desktop digital solutions perfectly serve the clients inside those mentioned above and other business domains. Whether or it is real estate, entertainment, or expert services, our company leverages data-driven approaches, extensive expertise, and a robust IT infrastructure to deliver dependable applications and top-notch solutions to drive businesses forward.

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