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Custom Software Development Services with Great Attention to Details

Meticulously creating the outstanding top-notch software, making sure it runs fast and efficient.

Tech-Savvy Developers from the US

We continually update the expertise attending and organizing conferences, educational sessions and reading new books to provide the clients with the most advanced knowledge of the world-best practices and front-rank technology.

The custom software development services we offer are the most professional and client-oriented so that businesses worldwide could translate their presence on the market into the new digital dimension.

  • Our values

    Time-proven process. Our company has an approved method called product discovery that allows to understand the client’s business goals or show how to modernize existing working processes.

  • Direct verbal exchange. Of course, you will have a project manager and the team lead of the development team. However, our specialists are also available directly and will be happy to communicate anytime to immerse you into the process and gain the favored end result.

  • Transparency. All procedures are always transparent. Each week we meet for making plans and discussing the results. The development group makes several releases to collect feedback from stakeholders or end-customers.

  • Sustainable tempo. We regularly deliver from the day one. Our architecture is flexible, the code is continuously tested, and work is computerized. This stuff let us preserve a sustainable tempo of weekly releases and the software to be extendible even on the latest levels of development.

How we work

The first thing our company is aimed at is the creation of a long-term partnership with the clients. This is why we define the client’s business goals and create a minimum viable product to approve the thoughts.

  • Meet and greet - 1 day

    Generally, we organize a Skype meeting or arrange a face-to-face session. All participants feel it is a really critical issue in learning every detail and growing a comfort cooperation.

    Call us and schedule a private meeting. We've got front workplaces in the US. The best way to satisfy all necessities of the first stage is a video call. Schedule a video meeting via Skype or Hangouts.

  • Software goals and strategies - 1-2 weeks

    We have a listing of practices to identify enterprise dreams and create a map that suggests a strategic way to gain your custom software development targets. The specialists create a business evaluation in close collaboration with the client’s business experts.

    • Impact mapping
    • Customer journey mapping
    • User story elaboration
    • Discovered business desires
    • A roadmap that shows the way to achieve the objectives via custom development
    • A listing of recommendations in which the most appropriate technologies and services are selected for unique assignment needs
    • User interface prototypes
  • Build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) - 2-8 weeks

    Before starting a long time custom development process, our development agency endorse growing a small but the maximum useful part of the future software to be authorized by the clients with a minimal money investment. At this level, the developers reduce technology and advertising and marketing dangers.


    The most precious part of the custom software is evolved

    If the business concept does not pass inspection, for example, stakeholders or customers say they don’t need this software, you may stop the development at this stage and save cash.

    Develop custom software - as long as needed

    While we get to this point with the customer, it means we have already built great relationships, strategic plan to achieve business goals, an operating custom MVP and approved software concept. That is where the professional developers from a dedicated group start building a top-notch custom product.


    Custom software, operating on the web, mobile, and other core platforms.

    Checking software KPI's and directing the development process to obtain business desires.

    A one-day delivery system for every new feature.

Test-driven development services

Detection of errors at early stages costs less. The detection of bugs during the latest development procedures will cost a whole lot. Our company offers the most qualitative services, so the software builders never put off testing of the product put testing on a back burner. Testing in custom development should be everlasting, starting from the first day of the project existence. With the help of test-driven custom development, the most experienced programmers decrease the number of errors in the code, design extensible software structure and boom the quality of code with checks.

  • Code refactoring

    Flawlessly designed custom structures, which were created with consideration of design ideas and concepts need to be consistently maintained in suitable circumstance. Through the use of refactoring we preserve and improve the design, retaining it simple for information. The programmers can regularly replace complex, tricky modules with well-based tested code, keeping its capability.

  • Domain driven production

    Dedication and employment of subject domain are the keys to success in large software structures. Domain model unites language, used by professionals of the subject domain, customers, and developers, which extensively speeds up the technique of transformation of clients’ necessities into a working custom software. In aggregate with first-class programming services, which includes employment of refactoring and development with the usage of tools, we obtain first-rate custom software which fits the most demanding needs of enterprises.

    Impact mapping

    Impact mapping helps us to construct great products and supply projects that make an effect, not just deliver software program. Impact mapping is a strategic planning approach that prevents firms from getting lost when building custom products and handing over projects, through actually speaking assumptions, helping teams align their activities with core enterprise goals and make better roadmap selections.

  • Customer journey mapping

    To keep the custom product steady and prevent any barriers for customers while they interact with the software, the builders must observe the project from a bird's eye view. To fulfill it we find out the user’s entry points, exit points, and interaction between the screens. The team describes all of these sing customer journey mappings.

    User story elaboration

    User story mapping is not the too complicated task. Talk about user’s journey through the product building an easy version that tells the user’s story as you do. However, it turns out this simple idea makes working in custom agile improvement much easier. More importantly, it holds the customers and what they’re doing with the product the front and center in the software.

  • Extensive Expertise

    The members of the team have a real experience in the most advanced technologies. Nearly every tech field has at least one successfully launched custom solution.

    • Microservices
    • Mobile Applications
    • iOS, Android, Windows Phone
    • Web Application
    • SQL and NoSQL
    • iPaaS, Pervasive Integration
    • Javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS
    • RabbitMQ, Kafka
    • Highload
    • DevOps
    • .Net, Java
    • AWS, Azure
    • MSSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL
    • Nginx, IIS

Creating enterprise solutions

Holdings, corporations, industrial organizations, huge e-Commerce, and finance agencies regularly have their very own IT, design and advertising departments. Certainly, these corporations have problems in implementing inner IT innovations or bringing new digital merchandise to a marketplace. Here is where our custom development services are indispensable.

  • Challenges

    • Internal initiatives that change prioritization often
    • Often part-time development teams are volatile as they need to borrow personnel from other departments within the organization
    • It's tough to calculate the cost and the end budget of internal improvement procedures
    • Scarcity of essential body of workers and talents
    • No time for making appropriate requirements
    • Bureaucracy creates boundaries along the workflow
  • Our assistance

    Our group has to recognize the customers' goals and the way they affect on the project success. It truly is why, before the task starts, we pick out measurable and time-certain desires in collaboration with stakeholders. Then, the team develops the project until all aims are met in the most value effect manner for the purchaser. The developers do all of this while remaining the most flexible in the services they provide. You may get a professional group who strives to satisfy the most challenging needs.

  • Realizing startup dreams

    Ideas without implementation won’t convey any profit. To attract buyers, you have to create an MVP and try to do it quickly and inexpensively. Our services of custom MVP building will perfectly suit this task. Next, to achieve success in the worldwide market, you have to supply new releases quicker than the competitors and with higher quality to meet the needs of the clients.

    Problem points

    • High level of uncertainty at the beginning
    • Most developers need a document with specs
    • Necessities often change due to the growing market needs
    • Long shipping cycles deliver advantages to competitors

    How our team manages this

    Providing services of finding a scalable business model, concept testing, and custom development, our software producing organization ensures the success of the whole undertaking. User stories and customer adventure mapping, pivot and MVP are understandable terms for our crew. We know that time-to-market may be crucial for a brand new custom product, so we offer the services of short delivery cycles from several days to one week. Each update increases the business value of the solution. Our company does all of this while remaining flexible within the scope of work. You'll get the most professional services of an expert team which strives to meet the business goals.

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Offline is going online

Managing logistics, optimizing the sales funnel, growing jobs, are processes common to all people of business. When the enterprise is completely optimized, you still need to discover new possibilities for enhancements. Existing equipment can hold back the development of businesses, thereby lowering the earning potential of the organization. In this case, our agency is ready to provide the professional services to develop new methods for scaling the enterprise through automation procedures, analyzing core information and shifting your business online.

Issues to resolve

  • Difficult to formalize venture necessities
  • No experience in custom development
  • Intellectual boundaries of offline organizations can hold them back from shifting online
  • Present software is outdated and requires modernization

What we offer

Benefit from the most competent services to create the right vision of the digital solution. The experts will help to formalize measurable dreams and targets to carry the online business forward. Create a roadmap for reaching those dreams. Then, the developers expand the project until all goals are met in the most cost-effective way. The professional crew will establish all essential factors on the task fulfillment: business analyses, back-end custom development, UI/UX design, testing, protection, and maintenance.