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Experienced Mobile App Developers for All Digital Intents

Building top-notch apps to embody the boldest ideas into high-productive business tools.

Company Overview

Founded in 2009, our software development company gained a reputation of a full-cycle software development organization that specialize in the production of the top rated apps for businesses worldwide:

    • Mobile apps
    • Solutions for wearables and the Internet of things
    • Embedded software
    • Advanced web packages
    • Laptop Solutions

    We offer the unequalled expertise of the pro team of developers with a broad project experience of 7 years and a deep knowledge of hardware at the back of the apps to develop, install, or enhance.

  • Rapid facts

    • 250+ full-time employees
    • Headquartered in the US
    • 75% senior and professional group of workers
    • Fortune 100 clients
    • ISO 27002 secure environment
    • Comprehensive QA strategies
  • Client-oriented approach

    Our company is the most interested in the long-term partnerships with mutual trust instead of short-term profits. As the developers deal with the core intellectual property, patents, and technology innovations, we rigidly take care of the data protection regulations (as required by ISO 27002 standard) and assure a mature, inspired attitude.

Mobile Domain Expertise

Our approach to mobile app development harkens back to the in-depth hardware usage principle retaining that the abilities of the hardware components onboard the mobile gadgets need to be leveraged to their maximum while the mobile software program we build enables pile them on. While on this path, the track record of our developers is a tally of diversified tasks clotted around our core competence in enterprise mobility and low-level mobile apps, and increasing into several other domains with a robust talent and business know-how.

  • Event Management Apps

    Our mobile app developers know the ropes of advanced media-heavy applications for meetings, exhibitions, and different occasions with mass audiences, complicated schedule, and logistics. Our group has a vast portfolio of tasks where we evolved mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and custom-built branded handheld gadgets, with a set of advanced functions:

    • Event scheduling
    • Personal schedule control
    • Interactive venue maps
    • Social integration
    • Live video streaming, news, and picture streaming and storing
    • Instant messaging and chat
    • Alerts settings

    Integrated with multiple web services, event management mobile apps allow up-to-the-minute access to the occasion updates and assets to deliver the unparalleled user experience to each event attendees and offline fans.

    Digital Imaging, Photo and Video Apps

    Our developers thrive on our considerable hands-on experience in electric design and firmware development to deliver the most advanced apps that raise the abilities of the graphic processor, digital camera and associated hardware on board phone or tablet.

    Such mobile apps are a powerful combo of system utilities, drivers, that optimize interplay with the hardware components and procedures in the lower back-end, and customer apps that permit on-the-go editing and fast sharing of the media files created. On the end of the day, cameras turn out to be smarter and faster to make every mobile phone or tablet user a pro in digital imaging.

    Sophisticated digital picture processing is likewise utilized in innovative face recognition mobile programs we develop. The software turns to a database in the backend and displays the retrieved information in the augmented reality mode in the form of a hologram-like popup caption on display.

  • Content distribution / media streaming

    The mobile solutions for multimedia content distribution, from media players, media controllers and renderers to virtual media servers, make use of the most technologically advanced components for tremendous performance and connectivity.

    The experience of our developers extends beyond standard user programs. They are engaged in constructing DLNA licensed solutions and mobile SDKs for the development of commercial programs to manage media libraries and stream diversified media content on a mobile phone or tablet or network-connected smart home playback gadgets of any kind (TVs, stereos, PCs, set-top boxes, and so on).

    Those know-hows are correctly followed by different virtual amusement service providers, advertisers, and content producers to deliver a customized experience to the end customers via highly interoperable, rapid and user-friendly utilities.

    Apps for Smart Accessories

    When the tech-savvy public is looking for extra digitalization in their lives, there's a growing call for digital coaches and other insightful equipment that assist keeping fit and boost motivation that people usually lack in the single-handed fitness effort. Our developers supply standalone apps which might be distributed through the app stores and run on mass-market smartphones and tablets, as well as smart programs which can be delivered with superior wearable accessories and digital gadgets equipped with high sensitive sensors:

    • Activity trackers
    • Exercise guides
    • Nutrition helpers
    • Sleep aids
    • Games and simulators
    • Smartwatch and iWatch

    Our developers will create a proof of concept program to test any progressive tech or idea you've got in mind before taking it into mass production.

  • iBeacon & BLE Beacon Mobile Solutions

    A warehouse stocked with batches of products, a world-class venue packed with thousands of traffic or a retail store welcoming droves of consumers – all of them are taken to the subsequent level with contextual attention and interactivity that iBeacon technology and Bluetooth 4.0 smart deliver us.

    Having accomplished projects both with business enterprise mobility and the mobile market, the developers create programs that communicate effortlessly with BLE-enabled smart systems and devices and iBeacon gadgets, facilitating brick-and-mortar experience and optimizing indoor workflows.

    Our mobile application developers create outstanding solutions that employ iOS and Android APIs like Core location API to enable geolocation and a wealth of different powerful capabilities.

    Furthermore, the expert developers can take Beacon implementation further. Without searching somewhere else, you can build a performant Internet backends, connect them through light-weight restful APIs to Beacon hardware that continuously feeds collected information, and create web dashboards for data visualization and remote management of the Beacons network. And if there's a need to get all the way down to the low level, our developers can pull in the embedded talent to optimize the performance of both Beacon hardware and handheld gadgets.

Tech Stuck

We utilize the listed below development languages, tools, frameworks, and platforms that prove to be highly useful in accelerating program development resulting in interactive and engaging mobile solutions.

Development Languages: Objective-C, C#, Swift, C/C++, Java, C/C++, JavaScript,

Frameworks and Components: iOS SDK, Cocoa/Cocoa Touch, WatchKit, CloudKit, StoreKit, OpenGL, OpenCV, OpenAL, OpenCL, Xamarin, Cocos2d/Cocos2d-x, Unity 3D, PhoneGap, XCTest, Android SDK/NDK, Vuforia (Augmented reality), RenderScript, CUDA, SDL, JUnit ¾, Roblectiric, Robotium

  • Presentation Layer

    Our developers know how to create highly usable, compelling, and intuitive mobile software consistent in functional and visual presentation across the range of mobile devices:

    • UIKit
    • OpenGL ES
    • Quartz Core
    • Core Graphics
    • HTML + CSS
  • ORMs and Databases

    The professional programmers and developers utilize the iOS-, Android- and Windows-compatible databases and ORM tools along with proven methods for database design

    • CoreData
    • SQLite
    • SQLCipher for iOS
    • SQLCipher for Android
    • RestKit
  • Development Environment

    To maximize the development productivity, the developers use native and cross-platform IDEs, code repositories, project management and collaboration tools:

    • Xcode
    • SVN, Git, Mercurial
    • Android Studio
    • Eclipse
    • Unity IDE
    • MonoDevelop
    • Atlassian JIRA and Confluence
    • Google Apps
  • Other Tools and Solutions

    The set of tools and solutions below expedites the creation process providing higher management level of each development stage:

    • iTunes
    • iOS Simulator
    • CocoaPods
    • TexturePacker
    • AppCode
    • ImageOptim
    • Android emulator
    • Tiled
    • TexturePacker
    • ImageOptim
    • Ant
    • InkScape
    • Draw 9-patch
    • Gradle
    • FFMpeg/AVConv

Expert Development for Guaranteed Success

Our team of mobile app developers employs excellent practices, tests development methodologies, in addition to our very own know-how in algorithmic layout, software structure, and UI introduction together with adaptive and responsive design experience to craft intuitive, absolutely featured, stable mobile solutions for work, entertainment, and travel.

  • Coding concepts

    To qualify for a launch, the utility must meet the following criteria:

    • User-friendly
    • Offers excessive performance
    • Reliable and convenient
    • Successfully makes use of the restrained tool CPU and memory potential
    • Low battery intake
    • Helps seamless information alternate between the device and the mobile backend
    • Affords constant fault-free operation

    Coupled with a rigorous, transparent to the client, project management, we guarantee the delivery of a full-cycle expert development services and reduced time-to-market of the products.

  • Support and maintenance

    Our company has hooked up a dependable support and renovation technique to ensure our products demonstrate comfortable, fault-free operation and fast overall performance, while taking into account continuous improvement and consistent user experience drawing on usability, utilization efficiency, and overall enterprise productiveness.

    • Software support
    • Preventive and proactive utility maintenance
    • Application enhancement
    • Performance tuning
    • Safety audit
    • Legacy app modernization
    • Gadget tracking
    • Backup and restoration
  • On-the-go support

    We guarantee smooth interaction with the developers and support team, without data loss and interruptions, accomplished via right documentation of all problems and requests, along with requirement, improvement, and disorder management.

    By default, for prioritizing, documenting and routing the obtained support issues, the developers use an Atlassian Jira based help desk system; however, we're bendy to use any other tool you prefer. The help desk allows the support group to speedy reply to customers’ inquiries, test the progress of each venture, exchange feedback, and tune history of actions for every specific case.

    As part of a primary support package, we offer the following aid activities:

    • Issue analysis, troubleshooting, and bug fixes
    • Software upgrades
    • Machine availability and overall performance tracking
  • Software renovation

    Our perfective and corrective renovation targets at enhancing, re-engineering or customizing the customer’s systems, as well as solving errors and removing obsolete features that negatively affect the overall performance and functionality.

    Adaptive upkeep is designed to confirm that the changes delivered to the device environment do no longer affect the software and hardware operation and that it keeps running in a stable and reliable way.

    Scheduled maintenance facilitates update and launch management to make certain the latest generation technology drives the system.

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Fundamental Studies for Breakthrough Results

Our team can boast of the excellent track record of partnering both with emerging next-gen solution builders and R&D divisions of some of the most established international enterprise trendsetters. From research and development to prototyping, to feasibility, and directly to development, testing, upkeep, and assist, we’re proud that our competencies have established to be sufficient in bringing to life a multitude of brand new advanced solutions and technology for a wide variety of enterprise sectors:

  • Web
  • E-Commerce
  • Content management/virtual content distribution
  • E-learning
  • E-payments
  • Scalable backends
  • Mobile
  • Mobile business solutions
  • M-trade
  • Media streaming apps
  • Mobile games