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Software Developers from The US: We Build Digital Future

Since 2010, we have been performing as a professional software developer helping to accelerate forward-thinking businesses through virtual product innovation. We define, layout, build and supply exceptionally useful and usable digital products for mobile, web, IoT, augmented & digital reality, and AI bots.

Outstanding Digital Solutions Start Here

We’re nerds with a genius for exploring, defining, designing, programming and delivering the most remarkable software for mobile, web, wearables and IoT.

  • Solutions first.

    There's a way to each trouble. The answer is constantly, “we can.” The only question is “How.”

    Embody innovations.

    An alternation is the only constant. Development is the most practical choice. Our IT organisation puts money into innovations these days.

    Velocity wins.

    Technology changes at breakneck speeds. Keeping the pace means triumphing.

    Information trump.

    Excellence is based on expertise. From first impact onward, the know-how guarantees we deliver solutions that delight.

    Go nerd.

    Embrace your internal nerd. With our strengths mixed, collectively we’ll make history.

  • We offer the set of services that deliver immediate business effect at a minimal time and money funding.

    Product ideation workshop

    A product ideation workshop is the only way to define a brand new virtual product in a systematic manner. The time-tested process helps our US developers find out where the technology can help them create the highest competitive benefit through IT innovation.

    Clickable UX prototype

    The cause of a clickable UX prototype is to help the program owner to choose the optimal user experience and translate it right into a clickable prototype that could be used for user testing.

    Technical discovery

    The reason for technical discovery is to evaluate feasibility and level of efforts to build the most efficient software. The systematic approach of our US developers helps corporations determine risk, make clear the unknown, and set expectations for the desired level of effort to construct the desirable solution.

  • Feature prioritization & alignment workshop

    The motive of a feature prioritization and alignment workshop is to make certain all stakeholders and people taking part in the project lifecycle fully understand and align the main way, feature set, and software definitions to take the first minimum viable product to market, and to prioritize the backlog.

    Clickable UI prototype

    A clickable UI prototype is indispensable to arm stakeholders with a simulation of a real software experience and expert product presentation to represent the concept to all key stakeholders.

    Code & infrastructure audit

    Code and infrastructure review is needed to assist agencies in improving the code quality and scalability of existing software products.

Research & Development

In the modern digital world technology never stops developing at the fast pace, and the best way to hold the tempo it is to have a continuous dedication to research & development. It’s a dedication that the developers make here in the US.

We divide the D&D efforts into classes:

  • Big audacious ideas

    We devote a fixed number of the sources to research and development of software and other digital products which have the capacity to transform or disrupt the industry. On this ability, our app design company has gathered a cross-functional team of developers of the brightest and best talent in the US, which has a proven track record of outstanding software.

    We understand that this crew will produce one of 3 results:

    • Find software market fit with a product that is symbiotic to the core business of the organization
    • Fail to find considerable product market match inside the allocated time and funding constraints
    • Find product market match outside of the primary business of the company.

    And our US-based company have built in learning loops to be confident that our devoted developers learn from every outcome of the R&D efforts.

  • Continuous exploration

    Here, in the US headquarters, we allow teams and developers allocating time to innovate. The main aim is to create and study something new that drives the clients and the business forward. A number of the innovations are focused around upgrades of delivery process, while others grow to be massive audacious thoughts.

    Any software the US developers build for the customers is primarily based on something our IT group has already tested in advance on. And we deal with our R&D projects as if they were clients to research and improve each from a product angle and a services delivery attitude.

  • Projects & Technologies

    Web development

    Our US-based company runs a committed team of software developers with the in-depth understanding of design and programming of user-friendly and visually attractive web products and websites. Furthermore, the sites are responsive for the perfect appearance on smartphones and tablets. The developers from the team are the most forward-thinking in creating cost-effective web software for desktop and mobile gadgets.


    With the rising amount of mobile devices, our IT agency can't stay apart being an innovative software developer from the US. The committed mobile team alway remains at the forefront of exploding technology. And they do it professionally too - all the software is optimized for the high loads and can flawlessly run on any device and perform the functions it is intended for in the best way possible.


    Our US developers are focused on complicated.Net systems, MS SQL. Databases for companies of all sizes from local startups to global corporations of all business verticals. As a mature USA software developers, our company is proud of sturdy and scalable architecting solutions that generally work faster than similar ones in the industry.

High-skilled software building

Web and data driven

The US developers have broad experience in the delivery of numerous varieties of web-based systems – from high-loaded, scalable and comfortable SaaS solutions to on-premise enterprise software (automation of sales workflows, document control, cost baseline and vendor-level cost planning structures and many others.). We create web software that has multi-layered service-oriented systems which permit your business to plug in new data channels or replace exclusive layers without any impact on the rest of the system. Here in the US, our development group additionally focus on evolutionary adjustments and transformation of current legacy structures.

  • Cross-platform and mobile

    We believe that technology should be fit for a reason, and as such, our developers offer one of a kind alternatives on how to supply your software to multiple systems. The US team has sturdy capabilities of the native development when it comes to iOS and Android structures (Objective-C, Swift, Java/Android), together with third-party libraries (Cocos2D, Box2D, Unity3D). The US developers make use of frameworks like PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Sencha and Appcelerator Titanium to gain the best stability among development efforts and versatility. Our app building company also offer various backend architecture services to shape complex infrastructures, cope with high data volumes and provide live streaming.

  • Stand-alone apps

    While the World Web is the dominant platform, there is nevertheless a large cluster of issues that can not be solved using the Internet interfaces alone. Our US software developers are capable of increasing multi-platform stand-alone applications based on C++/QT, Java or .Net. Our company also has good sized experience integrating those independent packages into front ends for Internet services or different types of backend solutions.

  • First-class quality assurance

    Software testing

    An essential a part of our development is ongoing testing. To achieve this, the QA engineers carry out numerous kinds of testing throughout the entire lifecycle of the software programming procedure (regression, recognition, overall performance, stress, protection, load and usability/UX testing). From a development perspective, the process is supported by test-driven-development and continuous integration.

  • QA team

    Wherever possible, the QA engineers become a fundamental a part of the delivery crew. This permits to validate the best of the task from the primary levels of development. This technique offers a better understanding of the overall solution, its architecture, and operating environment, and gives higher opportunities to the QA engineers to automate their everyday operations. It also minimizes collaboration efforts among crew contributors.

UI/UX design

Visualization of the outcomes from the start presents better understanding to all participants, makes it possible to avoid mistakes and improves technical choices. We believe that systems supposed to interact with customers should have UI design completely based on the core functionality the product is built for.

  • Graphic design

    If it doesn’t look good, it isn’t good – this belief is a natural human response. As such, many apps with great ideas behind them are afflicted by a terrible and unprofessional layout. In our US group, we understand the significance and cost of attractive, natural user interfaces, powerful workflows, and usability. The dedicated developers keep themselves updated with the latest layout developments and quality practices and use them in work.

  • Prototyping & wireframes

    Interactive wireframes and “clickthrough prototypes” allow to get a sense of the device, receive comments, validate the effectiveness of interaction and take a look at specific interface ideas and use cases. Upon integration, the behavior, predominant workflows and look-and-experience of the structure are described. As a result, there are no additional charges involved to redesign or reinforce capabilities and approaches.

  • User interaction

    Every software is designed to ease someone’s pain. In other words, it should remedy a specific trouble for a user. The tool or product should accomplish this in an intuitive way, with the minimum number of moves. It has to additionally prevent mistakes and shield customers from their consequences. The interplay designers conduct analyses of users’ behavior, based on unique use cases, and then pave the most productive and comfortable ways to interact with the gadget.

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We stand up for your success

Great experience

We speak the same language as startup founders and product developers because we've walked in your shoes. The members of the team have launched more than 250 successful products; each gave us the precious perception and experience of the product development system. The specialists recognize the wishes, problems, pain factors and the main challenges of startup founders and product developers. That’s why they provide you with the unique assist that only a fellow entrepreneur associate can provide.

Striving for excellence

Our team focus on clients’ desires and use their remarks to improve the approaches and the quality of the services. The developers embody Agile principles and Scrum mainly, but this is not a dogmatic technique. We recognize that the development procedures should suit to the company lifestyle and fit the internal processes so we pay attention to every detail and learn to become even better for you.