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Windows Phone App Development for The Forward-Thinking Companies

We know how to build easy-to-use, efficient, and dependable Windows Phone apps and cross-platform solutions for businesses large and small. Our company is a long-term Microsoft certified companion with a validated mobility competence among others. Inside the Microsoft technology domain, we are in particular focusing on Windows Phone, Windows RT, and Windows Embedded Compact

Smart Apps for Business Success

Our software development agency design and build custom Windows Phone apps, mobile SDKs, and utilities, together with hi-tech solutions for enterprise mobility and smooth integration with web services and inner company systems — from requirements collecting to launch and delivery to the app stores, as well as porting, ongoing support and upkeep.

    • Integration for cooperation: our developers create top-notch phone programs and solutions that offer on-the-go access to business-critical data and capability to ensure the efficient and seamless cooperation of your staff, partners, and clients.
    • User experience for loyalty: the phone app development group expand mobile programs that offer ample consumer engagement and retention through suitable mechanisms, consisting of in-app purchases and targeted ads.
    • Performance for success: the expertise deep-rooted in phone design and low-level programming permit leveraging the tool’s hardware capacity and optimize software program’s overall performance for maximized ROI of any Windows Phone app development engagement.
  • Domain expertise and experience

    Our company is a trusted long-term tech partner to the international industry leaders and technology groundbreakers, supporting companies striving for innovation, as well as bold startups. The domain expertise of our team is the most suitable for building phone apps and Windows-based solutions on the cutting edge of the modern day tendencies.

    • Corporation mobility
    • Event management
    • Virtual imaging
    • Mobile PoVs
    • Mobile SDKs
    • Phone low-level apps
    • Media content distribution
    • Video streaming
    • Apps for smart phones
  • Enterprise data, workflows and features

    The developers broaden superior phone and distributed mobility solutions seamlessly integrated with corporate databases, applications, and structures. We supply neat, efficient and user-friendly Windows apps for eCommerce enablement, B2B, B2C and B2E solutions.

    Harness the of power mobile phones to the maximum

    We rely on years of giant experience in embedded software development and low-level programming to craft powerful phone programs optimized for overall performance and maximum efficient utilization of the hardware assets together with CPU, GPU, onboard camera, and so on.

  • Robust abilities and mature development strategies

    Our IT agency aligns with the high-quality development practices, offer transparency and expert guidance throughout all of the production tiers — from necessities analysis and specification to prototyping, improvement, and launch in the app store or use in a corporate environment.

    Native applications

    We focus on native Windows application development. While designing Windows Phone apps, we think about all the target platform specifics. The development team can also boast of sizable experience in software porting from/to Windows, iOS, and Android.

    Cross-platform development

    The professionals effectively deal with the complexities of cross-platform development leveraging effective tools and frameworks along with Xamarin, Cocos2D-X, Unity, Marmalade, Corona, Flash Air, UDK, and more. We’ll take you through each level of the SDLC with minimized venture costs and reduced time to market.

Mobile Back-End: Open Architecture, Scalability, Decreased Protection Expenses

Our development group builds productive, easy-to-manage and -maintain back-end structures for phone software and company mobility solutions. The practical cross-domain understanding of hardware, firmware, and software program permits us to spot hardware constraints of mobile phones and flip them into opportunities via creating a well-thought-out structure, smart enterprise, and data layers.

  • Perfect look on all screens

    The customers and partners leverage the power of big data, fetch and combine distinct parts of content material for user-friendly and meaningful presentation on the broad range of mobile phones and other portable gadgets and rugged electronics. We guarantee that the interplay with your app will be similarly amiable on all screens, including the smallest resolutions.

    Backends from scratch

    Our group develops back-end solutions to keep and manage data in the background and bring HTML and media content to your app when a business vision is aimed at on-the-go solution utilization.

    Integration layers

    The back-end programmers build intermediary server-side solutions and APIs, create connectors and middleware to seamlessly integrate Windows apps into the present web-based system or introduce mobile endpoints into an enterprise web infrastructure.

  • Anticipating the Next Windows Upsurge

    With the Windows platform keeping a decent grip on our listing of core app development competencies, we consider the appearance of Windows 10, installable both on desktops and smartphones, the main industry spotlight. Our group has set its arms to try out the possibilities of the revamped platform.

    Extended capabilities

    The universal Windows platform targeting the extensive variety of gadgets with distinctive shape factors and enter modalities, adaptive UI controls together with new layout panels, API contracts, to name a few — Windows 10 has these and lots of other different capabilities at hand. We are already looking forward to putting into action dozens of app thoughts geared to users of Windows -powered gadgets, encompassing solutions targeted at computing device users and machine-level software such as drivers.

  • Side by Side with Microsoft’s Revolutionary Tech

    Having close ties with Microsoft, our company was among the first tech organizations to get access and investigate high-speed video APIs on Windows Phone. Not like iOS, a rival operating system that becomes one of the pioneers to permit implementing slow motion video capturing, Windows is not up to the capability. In similar conditions, when an essential technical detail is missing or hard to attain, the developers go all in to explore the possibilities. As a result, we simply build the absent thing from scratch and achieve the best possible results.

    We love to be engaged in projects drawing on technologies yet unavailable for broad marketplace use. Whether your next big project calls for some non-realisable technology or the required tool remains a product in the development, out the background in engineering and hardware design and development, as well as years of practical experience, provide a robust leverage for bringing all of the lacking elements together.

    • Development Language: C#
    • Frameworks: Windows Phone SDK, Direct X, Xamarin, PhoneGap, MVVM, Light, Silverlight Toolkit;
    • Presentation Layer: HTML+CSS, XAML, Direct X;
    • Data Store: SQL CE (LINQ to SQL); SQLiteж Isolated Storage;
    • Development Environment: JIRA, Visual Studio, Confluence;
    • Other Tools: XAML Spy, Windows Phone Emulator.

Cross-Platform Development

Our professionals are dedicated to supporting corporations get the main edge with software solutions through buttoning up the problems of an ever growing mobile segment in the market. Cross-platform development is targeted at such fundamental platforms as Windows, Android, and iOS and additionally brings the advantages of shorter turnaround time together with lower implementation fees.

The proper equipment available

Our development team is well-versed in a wide variety of superior tools, frameworks, and ideas that enable building flexible enterprise-level software and customer applications able to standing the test of multi-platform compatibility

With a profound Javascript, HTML, and CSS experience under their belt, the web developers are ready to enhance the implementation efforts with cross-platform tools that allow leveraging their existing programming competencies.

Tools: Xamarin, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Monocross, Codename One, Kony, Convertigo

  • How We Produce Outstanding Custom Solutions

    Our IT firm is a multiple branch organization with a centralized, transparent and steady test-driven process performing under a single common intention — enabling the clients to hit their goal through the state-of-art technology and superior tools we know how to enhance or create.

    We aim to offer the top of the line workload breakdown and crew composition at each assignment taking into account not only the technological issue but core the client’s business desires.

    Process Transparency

    Throughout the project lifecycle, progress will always be transparent and available to the client via online task gear for project management, feature and malfunctioning tracking, and content and information management. We practice continuous integration so the latest code updates and project progress can be inspected by the client at any time.

  • Stages and iterations

    Commonly, the process of custom development includes the following steps:

    • RFP processing
    • Enterprise analysis
    • Planning
    • Design
    • Development
    • Quality assurance
    • Deployment and integration
    • Upkeep and support

    Depending on the venture specifics or the client’s requirements, the levels may change the order, run in parallel, be skipped or repeated. Each segment may additionally include numerous iterations.

    An iteration is a time period in the challenge timeline that has a fixed goal, and a fast deliverable — both discussed and authorized by a client in advance. In contrast to assignment levels, iterations have a hard and fast order and can't be interchanged or omitted. This permits streamlining the process and retaining a logical step-by-step order of actions.

    Our group provides artifacts at the end of every iteration. Those may additionally include packages and data, source code, setup packages, documentation, etc. All deliverables (from source code to running installation and user’s guides) are a 100% alienable — you don’t depend on us.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our custom development services help to reach the core business targets while minimizing the total cost of ownership and balancing resource utilization during the distributed production cycle.

    There are in-house impartial QA team of specialists from distinct knowledge areas — mobile programs, desktop and web software, firmware and embedded systems. This separation guarantees higher service satisfaction executed through independent technique focused information and experience aggregation and more transparent approaches. QQ specialists participate in every stage of production, providing the best quality level possible.

    The team practices on-going QA which means supplying on-going testing coverage in parallel with the programming and coding during the whole software lifecycle — from necessities and earliest deliverables to promotion of the final product. Non-stop QA approach — when QA engineers are assigned to tasks from the earliest levels — brings a number of tangible benefits, both regarding code quality and cost effectiveness.

  • Project Management

    The development and delivery of the completed product are executed through a spread of tightly coordinated activities:

    • Direct layout and development by our employees
    • Close coordination with customer representatives
    • The careful selection and control of companion groups, if necessary

    The members of the team intently monitor status and review dangers if they are identified, each case is tracked, and options are explored and communicated. To keep the venture advancing in the right direction we hold weekly meetings to review dangers and benefit timely approvals.

    Each segment of the production process is driven in line with the relative importance of three project management flexibility dimensions: time table, capabilities, and price.

    With the intention to obtain this objective, we begin with the following assumptions regarding your priorities and versatility:

    • The schedule is usually the least flexible dimension for the reason that there would be little value to the solution delivered to market too late.
    • The feature set prescribed for the solution can be particularly flexible, and function tradeoffs might be taken into consideration to meet the schedule requirement.
    • To meet schedule or hold preferred features, cost tradeoffs can be considered.